About Me


Welcome to selftimerjump.com! I am very excited to share the art and contagious joy that the self-timer feature on your camera possesses. Posing is for fruit and guys with tight underwear.

After being a poser, just like you, I had decided to add a little pizzazz to the normal world of picture taking… I occasionally found myself at an amazing place and couldn’t rely on asking people to take a snapshot. Not all “photographers” know how to push the button half-way down wait for the beep or green light and then push it all the way down (by pushing the button half-way down you are allowing the camera to get focused on the subject) Therefore pictures of me always turned out blurry, I researched the self-timer feature and have been jumping ever since.

These pictures however, along with the thousands that you submit, show a different flavor than your everyday snapshots. So grab that manual, find yourself some open space and jump in!